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Your Questions Answered...

I have tried to cover every detail of anything you might need to know below.  It would be great if you could find the time to give this a quick read  through before  getting in touch.  If there's anything I haven't addressed that you would like to know, please just ask me via email or through my booking form.  For the really committed readers, those new to meeting high class ladies or the girflriend/courtesan experience, and a full list of my 'dos' and 'dont's', please feel fre to peruse my 'Etiquette' page ;)


- Do you enjoy being a courtesan?

Yes!  Of course I do, why else would I have become one?  Believe me when I say I had many other options.  I chose the life of a companion out of desire, not necessity, and it is something that I truly enjoy and is an occupation at which I excel.


- Your pictures are stunning, are they really you?

Yes, they are.  My pictures are all real and VERY recent and are an accurate representation of how I look.  I do not go in for heavy photoshopping, either


- Can you send me additional pictures or pictures of your face?

I regret that I am not able to send pictures of my face, to anyone, for any reason.  My privacy and the privacy of my clients is of the utmost importance, and for many of my clients it is crucial that no-one will recognise me from this kind of picture when we are out in public together.


- What do you look like?

I have a very feminine, pretty and young-looking face.  I have fair skin, dark green eyes, perfectly-shaped black brows, high cheekbones, an upturned nose, a delicate chin and neat but full pink lips; I've been told I have some resemblance Krysten Ritter and Elizabeth Taylor.  My looks reflect my mixed-race heritage and I have an enchanting combination of a pale English-rose complexion with dark  features and a typically Middle-Eastern curvy figure.  Although my writing and conversation is quite mature, I am in my early 20s and most certainly do not look any older.


- What are your stats?

UK size 8-10, 35-25-37, 30DD bust, 5'4" tall, 100% natural!  My hair, skin, nails, lips, face and bust are all unenhancced. I have a very classical hourglass shape with curvy hips, full bust, round derierre and a nipped-in wasp-waist


- Are your rates negotiable?

No, they are not.  My rates are higher than average for many reasons, one being because I am an exclusive companion who doesn't meet with a lot of people.  I am not for everyone, nor do I want to be.   Arranging a limited number of appointments means that I am able to maintain a private life, various hobbies and activtites, continue my education and this allows me to be a more entertaining and vivacious companion.  May rates reflect my class, background, education, wit,  beauty and many other qualities.   It would also be impossible to provide a luxury GFE experience without asking for a generous donation.  Being a courtesan requires a significant investment in luxury lingerie, designer shoes and clothes, an upmarket incall location, jewels, hair, skin, make-up, nails and other grooming, all of which adds up to thousands of dollars a year.  The men I meet desire the very best and appreciate this investment, and thus are happy to be generous.  For further explanation, please read my diary entry on the subject :)


- What kind of man do you like to meet with?

I like variety and so I do like to met men from all walks of life.  It does not matter to me if my gentlemen friends are single, married or divorced; similarly height, ethnicity and age are unimportant.  I prefer not to go into too much detail, but my benefactors do have a few things in common - they are affluent men of fine tastes, high standards and a passion for luxury who know the value of discretion, class and exclusivity.   They are highly educated, well-travelled and professionally succesful with a hedonistic streak and an openness to new experiences.   Above all, I like to meet respectful gentlemen.  I prefer mature gentlemen over the age of 30 but will consider 25-30 year olds in some cases


- What is your booking procedure?

I prefer initial contact to be made via email.  Please fill out my secure online booking form with as much detail as you are able and I will get back to you within a few hours.  I do prefer to have a few details about you before we meet - I feel this is only polite as I expose a lot about myself on this site; additionally it allows me to be better prepared for our meeting and establishes  a prior connection and sense of anticipation.  You are more than welcome to let me know your preferences in dress, lingerie, make-up, perfume, snacks, drinks or music

For  meetings at my residence ('incall') I need arrangements to be made in advance - preferably a day but at least a few hours

For meetings at your private residence or hotel I need your full name, hotel and room number and mobile number or full name, address  and landline/mobile number. I normally only take outcall appointments with gents who are not resident in the UAE and can provide a non-UAE phone number.  If you are resident, I will require some additional verification for security


- How do I make an overseas booking?

I love to travel and meet people all over the world.  For overseas appointments I require a 20% deposit and the cost of my plane ticket upfront (I prefer to fly Emirates), sent to me via Western Union or the concierge at Plush Affair, plus either a hotel booking confirmation or proof of address or ID copy


- What kind of services do you offer?

I offer a luxury girlfriend or courtesan experience, and/or tantric body-to-body massage that offers both mental and physical intimacy and stimulation.  I am sensual and open-minded but I am not a PSE.  For hygiene and safety reasons I do not indulge in back-door play on me (on you is fine!), additionally I am not particularly partial to excessive amounts of tongue when kissing (just a personal preference!).  If you enjoy something specific please ask me in your initial enquiry.

I absolutely do not offer 'bareback'; do not contact me if you seek this kind of service.  If you request or push for this during the course of our date I will end the appointment immediately with no refund


- How d0 I give you your donation?

If we are meeting for a dinner date, I will place my handbag within reach, please discreetly place my donation in an envelope inside the bag within the first 15 minutes of our date; alternatively you can give it to me in a gift bag.  I will excuse myself to the ladies to check the donation.  For incall or hotel meetings, please place my donation on the table in an envelope within the first 10 minutes of our date; please do not hand it to me directly. Donations are strictly a gift in appreciation of my time and companionship only...what happens on our date  is simply a private affair between adults.  Please refer to my appointments page for my requested donations as I cannot discuss this during our meeting.


- Do you smoke, drink or take drugs?

I am a non-smoker and do not take any illegal drugs, so I am not a 'party girl'.  I am a light social drinker and do like to go out and have fun but I don't get drunk


- I sent you an email but you didn't reply, why?

Probably because your email was too vague.  I get a lot of emails so I don't have time to respond to enquiries that I don't think are serious.  I appreciate it if you at least include your name, age, nationality and a suggested day to meet in your initial email :)


- How much notice do you need?

It depends on my schedule.  As I meet a limited number of people I do tend to get booked up in advance so if you're looking for a same-day appointment you might be unlucky.  That said, I always keep a wait-list in case of cancellations, so drop me a note in case!


- What's the deal with incalls?

Incalls are available with advance notice only -  please email me to enquire about my incall availability.  For our first meeting I will usually book a discreet hotel but I am sometimes available in to meet in  a private apartment.  In London I am available for incall in Pimlico and Tower Bridge


- What will you wear for our date?

It depends on the location, timing and your preferences!  I always wear designer heels (usually Zanotti, Gina or Louboutin) and lingerie (Agent Provocateur, Myla, Beaujais, Fleur of England).  I like to wear chic but subtly sexy cocktail dresses in deep rich shades and 'proper' jewellery, all finished with a touch of my favourite perfume. However, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi I will often be more conservatively and/or casually dressed that I might be for a date in Europe or the US.   For meetings at mine, it's easy to be a little more sexy and relaxed!  Please just let me know if you have a preference (especially if that preference is no perfume).  I favour chic and subtle make-up unless you prefer otherwise.


- I'd like to take you out on the town, is this possible?

For reasons of privacy and discretion, I do not go out publicly with dates to clubs or parties - only dinners


- Do you do yacht parties?

I like to sail, socialise and be on the water, however, I am not the kind of girl enjoys the kind of party where I am expected to spend private time with various men in the same afternoon.  So I love yacht parties but will only spend private time with one gentlemen and expect you not to 'out' me as a compensated companion


- Do you do business and social events such as annual dinners and weddings?

Absolutely, and I am a good choice for this as I am extremely intelligent, well-read and well-traveled - so while your friends may be jealous of the stunning woman on your arm, they are unlikely to suspect I am a courtesan.  


- What kind of food do you like?

I most things but I can't eat pork or gluten - so no pizza/pasta restaurants!  My favourite cuisines are Japanese, French and Seafood  Please see my "Indulgences" page for a few of my favourite restaurants :)


- Do you have any reviews?

I do, but for discretion I keep them private.  For this reason and for my personal privacy, I refer not to be publicly reviewed online or discussed in forums!  Please respect my privacy the way that I respect yours.   If you must review, please use TER and leave out any identifying details


- Why is their no phone number on your site?

Because I do not take appointments at short notice and do not take appointments from new clients by phone!  I am quite busy with my various activities so am often not able to answer my phone.  Pease fill out my booking form and then I will give you my private number


For additional information, please refer to my 'Etiquette' page

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries - either through my booking form or directly at azitainternational{at}gmail{dot}com


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