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The Courtesan, Ancient & Modern

For as long as there have been rich and powerful men, there have been courtesans.  Though her name and exact nature has evolved through the centuries, her core nature and position has remained the same - a woman with great intelligence, exceptional charisma and a talent for erotica and sensuality who acts as a compensated companion to gentlemen of prestigious positions and refined tastes.


The modern word "Courtesan" comes from the Italian "Cortigiana", which was first used in the context we mean here in Renaissance Venice. While every Renaissance city had an expansive multitude and variety of ladies of pleasure, the restrictive dowry system present in 14th and 15th Venice gave rise to a particular class of lady companion, who were known as "Cortigiana Onestas" or "Honest Courtesans".   The reason for this? Weddings, at the time, were highly costly affairs and the bride's family were expected not only to cover the entire expense, but also to provide a significant dowry to the new husband..  Most upper-class young women whose family were unable to pay the large dowry required by a suitable suitor ended up in convents and nunneries, but a few  chose to become high class, luxury companions for the city's aristocratic men - courtesans.  Cortigiana Onestas differed significantly to the regular ladies of the night (Cortigiana de la lune, of which their were many) - not only in their high class backgrounds but also in their education.  At a time when many upper class women could not even read, the Cortigian Onesta was a women renowned for her education, poetry and many other talents.  Courtesans were considered a class apart from other women and, it is interesting to note, were the only females allowed to enter libraries and attend university debates


The word "courtesan" is currently subject to great misuse by many women within the Demi Monde so I will take the time to clarify the exact nature of a true courtesan and the service she offers



High Class Escort

Despite the claims of many of these ladies, a "high class escort" is not the same as a courtesan. There are a great many high class escorts and most major cities have a wide selection, and there is a significant demand for their services - their clients primary being educated professionals who are looking for a "girlfriend experience" in a convenient, private, clean incall location.  Clients of high class escort girls are reasonably selective and look for  relatively uncomplicated combination of good conversation, beauty and sexual talent, but usually do not require a particularly emotionally intimate encounter.  High Class escorts are usually educated, quite often to degree level, and they will be pretty, attractive and well-dressed.  Their numbers tend to be split fairly evenly between independent ladies and those who work through agencies, and while some are full-time members of the demi-monde, many others are students, interns or in low-paying starter careers. While many high class escorts charge quite high rates (averaging 250-400 GBP per hour in London, 1500-2500 aed in Dubai and 400-800$ in the US), they primarily book one or two hour appointments and do not have a tendency to give too much of themselves away on an emotional level



Elite Escort

Elite Escorts are noted for one particular thing - their beauty, and in that regard they are the creme de la creme.  Many are models or dancers with 10/10 looks - tall, slim with an ideal bone structure, and will often be Russian, Eastern European or South American.  Their rates are high (600 GBP+ in London and 1000$+ in NYC) and primarily they work through agencies.  While class is reasonably important, education is less so - their girls are hired for their looks before their personalities or conversational skills. Their clients are often the super-rich who like to accessorize their yachts and Ferraris with a rotating cast of pliable arm-candy models, making these girls some of the highest earners in the Demi Monde




Like the high-class escort, the courtesan is educated, but she goes several steps further in this regard and will often hold a Masters or PhD from an Ivy League, Oxbridge or similarly elite educational institute.  Courtesans can be considered masters in the art of companionship and offer connection of a variety of levels.  They are exclusive and their clients are the most particular of men - men who are educated, mature, well-travelled and of discerning tastes.  Their clients are very selective and do not meet with many women.  For these gentlemen, a beauty alone is not enough - the interior must more than match the exterior for the encounter to be a worthwhile experience.  Courtesan clients tend to prefer a deeper and more intimate connection than they would be able to access via a regular escort service.  In a sense, this is a true luxury girlfriend or lover experience and a courtesan is a less complicated but more indulgent alternative to a mistress


A true courtesan displays the following traits -




Like the original 'Cortigiani Onestas' of Renaissance Venice, a courtesan's education is a defining aspect of her nature and no woman can claim to be a true courtesan unless she is in possession of an exceptional education.  As I mentioned above, a courtesan should have a degree or post graduate qualification from an elite level world-class university, in but addition to that, she should be well-travelled with extensive cultural experience and global understanding, be well-read and abreast of current affairs and culture, and offer additional talents such as dance, foreign languages, massage or music



A courtesan will not meet with every man who requests to spend to time with her.  She focusses her time and attention on Gentlemen who truly understand and appreciate the service that she offers, it's rareness and it's quality.  She prefers longer dates and rarely does 1 hour meetings - after all, a courtesan experience cannot be rushed, and the build up is a part of the experience.  Many, if not most of her clients are regulars.  Keeping a small circle of friends allows her to keep a full and varied private life with time for friends, hobbies, interests and a continued education - all of which contribute to her skill as a companion



First and foremost, a courtesan is a lady.  She is never trashy, slutty or loud, she does not drink to excess or wear revealing outfits.  She is extremely private and always discreet.  She has a refined backrgound and upbringing and is at ease in the uppermost levels of society



A courtesan should always display a certain quality of je ne sais quoi.  She should be open, charismatic, witty, relaxed, entertaining and an excellent conversationalist.  Courtesans are often noted for their ability to 'draw people out'  (both conversationally, emotionally and erotically)



A courtesan is the Hermes of the escort world - never flashy or ostentations, but extremely luxurious with quality and refinement seeping from every pore.  This will be evident in her smooth skin, her glossy hair, her perfect manicure, her pearls and diamonds, her fine lace lingerie, and her designer shoes and dresses



A courtesan stands apart in this regard in that she is much more open than a regular escort and is able to provide connection and companionship on a number of levels.  To the right client, she will truly open up and so can offer a much more deep and more meaningful encounter than a regular escort, combining romance, sensuality and emotional intimacy to provide a very unique experience to the kind of man for whom beauty is not enough and requires something more...



In modern Western society, the need and demand for courtesans has faded and while a number remain, there is not a huge demand for their services and the majority of men garner sufficient emotional intimacy in their marriage and instead prefer the uncomplicated services of high class escorts  The situation is somewhat different in the East, where arranged and semi-arranged marriages mean that there are still a significant number of men who seek a true courtesan experience - yet there are very few women who can provide this service


Azita's Courtesans Philosopy -

"The true root of desire is in the mind.  A truly memorably encounter requires a mind worth connecting with"





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